High School! Need a good devotion? Want to find a way to connect with God, but sometimes don't know where to start? The link below will guide you to a DAILY devotion that you can go to yourself. The only thing we ask a good 3-5 minutes of undivided attention to God! 

Hey 7th & 8 grade! Look, we get it--you're busy. You gotta spend time with friends, your parents wanna spend quality time with you, the homework really adds up, and then there's the activities school too! Between all that, find  some time to get PLUGGED IN to God's word. You'd be surprised of the difference just 2-3 minutes can make... 

5 + 6 Grade:  This is a whole new chapter for you! Grades 5+6 can be overwhelming at times with all the new changes you're going through! God is there! He's handling it for you and is guiding you every step of the way! Before you head out into this roller coaster we call life and middle school, take a couple minutes to see just how God really is there for us...and always has been! 

Did you miss the sermon from the weekend services? Well, never fear! Just click below and you can watch them online! 

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