Welcome to the group page for High School: SURGE. The definition of Surge is, 'A powerful rush of an emotion or feeling.' At SURGE, we'll feel, see, and find the power of Jesus! That emotion, that rush, where you are just in awe because of His love for us is amazing and gives us the energy we all need to get through our lives! Anyone who said high school was easy needs to get a reality check! We know the stress you're feeling, the obstacles you're encountering, the temptations you're facing and the pressures you're dealing with. At Surge, come and get the POWER we all so desperately need to guide us through our years in High School! 

The SURGE group will meet weekly, on  Sunday evenings, from 4-6pm. This is how the breakdown of majority of our weeks will look:


Week 1: HANG OUT

These weeks is your week to just relax! We'll play a few games and have a devotion, but if you want to bring your homework, go ahead! Maybe there's a book you've been dying to read, bring it along! If you're just wanting to lounge on the couch and eat some doritos, we won't judge you! 

Week 2: GROW

Being in God's word is so POWERFUL! In these weeks, bring your bibles (or bible app) while we dive into scriptures and see how the words and stories written forever and a day ago can and do apply to our lives today! 


Everyone loves fellowship and spending time with friends! In addition, it's always fun to go to some off-site activites too! In our CONNECT weeks, we'll head over to the park, jump around at Skyzone, knock some pins down at the local alley or hide behind huge barricades while we shoot each other (Paint ball of course). 

Week 4: SERVE

There is a great rush of feelings that develop when you see the faces of those you're serving! When you join us these weeks, we'll go outside ourselves to put the needs of others before our own. Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet and to serve others, just as Christ served us! "Being selfless isn't thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less." 


Some months have 5 weeks in them, but it doesn't mean we can't meet up! In the times where there are 5 weeks, we encourage YOU, the teenagers, to lead the group! Is there a topic on your heart you want to talk about? Then do it! Lead the study, plan the event, it's your time! Don't worry, we'll be here to support you the whole way through. 

"That your faith may not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the power of Jesus." 1 Corinthians 2:5

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